Hanging out at SciFoo 2017 with  Jess Wade  and  Laurie Winkless  (Photo Credit:  Abbie Hutty ).

Hanging out at SciFoo 2017 with Jess Wade and Laurie Winkless (Photo Credit: Abbie Hutty).

Here is a list of all of the academic and public engagement events that I am involved in for the current quarter. Please have a browse, and do come and say hi if you see me out in the wild.    

May 2018

12.05.18 Public Engagement: Science, Art, and Poetry - Saturday Club, Manchester School of Art (details here)

15.05.18 Public Engagement: What a Mouthful! A night of Beer Brewing and Poetry Performing - Pint of Science, Old Abbey Taphouse, Manchester (Ticketed event - details here)

16.05.18 Academic Workshop: Civil Society, Risk and Climate Changes - The University of the West of England, Bristol (Free event - details here)

16.05.18 Award Ceremony: Association of British Science Writers - The Royal Society, London (Invited event - details here)

18.05.18 - 19.05.18 Award Ceremony: Saboteur Awards - Theatre Delicatessen, London (Ticketed event - details here)

21.05.18 Public Engagement - The Poetry of Science - Ignite, Leaf on Bold Street, Liverpool (Free event - details here)

June 2018

02.06.18 Public Engagement: Serious Games / GBL Seminar - The UK Games Expo, Birmingham (Ticketed Event - details here)

07.06.18 Uncertain Futures - Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester (Free event – details here)

12.06.18 Public Engagement: Head Space Truths - Sheffield Doc | Fest (Free event - details here)

19.06.18 - 24.06.18 Theatre: The Case of the Rhyming Crime - Kent (Ticketed event - details here)

July 2018

09.07.18 - 14.07.18 Academic Conference: ESOF 2018 - Austria Center Vienna, Vienna, Austria (Ticketed event – details here)

20.07.18 Public Engagement: Board Games and Physics - Bluedot Festival, Jodrell Bank, Cheshire (Ticketed Event - details here)

28.07.18 - 29.07.18 Public Engagement: Board Games and Physics - WOMAD Festival, Charlton Park, Malmesbury (Ticketed Event - details here)

A list of previous engagements can be found here