Hanging out at SciFoo 2017 with  Jess Wade  and  Laurie Winkless  (Photo Credit:  Abbie Hutty ).

Hanging out at SciFoo 2017 with Jess Wade and Laurie Winkless (Photo Credit: Abbie Hutty).

Here is a list of all of the academic and public engagement events that I am involved in for the current quarter. Please have a browse, and do come and say hi if you see me out in the wild.    

October 2018

04.10.18 Academic Seminar: The Poetry of Science - University of the West of England, Bristol (Free event - details here)

15.10.18 Public Engagement: Don’t mention the C word: how to talk about climate change - Stage@Leeds, University of Leeds (Free event - details here)

22.10.18 Academic Conference: Engaging Environments Symposium - Bristol (Ticketed event - details here)

25.10.18 Public Engagement: Experimental Words – Manchester Science Festival, The Museum of Science and Industry (Ticketed event – details here)

November 2018

23.11.18 Public Engagement: Early Career Physics Communicator Award - Institute of Physics, London (Free event - details here)

27.11.18 Public Engagement: Royal Society Open Event on Flooding From Intense Rainfall - Royal Society, London (Free event - details here)

28.11.18 Academic Seminar: Geoscience Communication - Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg (Free event - details here)

29.11.18 - 30.11.18 Academic Conference: Engage 2018 - Bristol (Ticketed event - details here)

December 2018

04.12.18 UN Climate Change Conference: Public engagement with climate change in the context of COP commitments - Katowice, Poland (Ticketed event - details here)

14.12.18 Academic Conference: Research Foundation Flanders - Antwerp, Belgium (Ticketed event - details here)

A list of previous engagements can be found here